Cavender Auto Group: Special Guests on The Dealer Playbook

By: Cavender Auto Group   |   31 May 2023

Here at  Cavender Auto Group, we’re always happy to talk shop and share ideas about the ongoing trends in the automotive industry. Recently two of our own, Eric Barbosa and WB Cavender, had the pleasure of sitting down with Micheal Cirillo on one of our favorite podcasts, The Dealer Playbook. They talked about everything from leadership principles to the importance of social media marketing to the core Cavender values that helped our family-owned company thrive for over 80 years. 

Eric Barbosa: Unleash Your Dealership's Potential

Eric Barbosa is our newly appointed Vice President of Variable Operations here at Cavender Auto Group. With over two decades of experience in the automotive industry, on the podcast, he and Michael offered interesting insights into how social media marketing is shifting the landscape in the auto world. Eric encourages dealers to use social media as a tool to build rapport with potential customers and promote their brand. The automotive professionals also get into what qualities are essential in an effective leader, with Eric citing “humility, confidence, and exposure” as important traits to create wisdom and foster continuous learning. Eric shares his thoughts on recognizing the skillsets of his employees and how to best allocate them accordingly for both the business and employee job satisfaction.

Listen to the full episode below!

WB Cavender: Enhancing the Car Shopping Experience

WB Cavender was another special guest on The Dealer Playbook and had the chance to talk all things Cavender, successful dealership operations, and the importance of legacy. As the fourth-generation owner of Cavender Auto Group, WB opened up about his personal journey growing up with a family-owned and operated business. He shared more insights into how the company goes beyond selling cars, focusing on providing exceptional service and philanthropic initiatives through our Cavender Cares motto. WB and Michael also take a deeper look at setting a dealership up for operational success and the importance of fostering a strong organizational culture. Throughout the conversation, WB Cavender emphasizes the significance of consistent execution and daily commitment to the company's mission. 

Listen to the full episode here!

Here at Cavender Auto Group, we're proud to be at the forefront of automotive industry concepts and aim to exceed customer expectations and ensure long-term success. We love sharing our insights and learning more about the industry along the way. We look forward to more opportunities to share our story and want to give a very special thank you to Micheal Cirillo and The Dealer Playbook for having us!