Beyond the Discount:

Why Veterans Choose Cavender Auto Group

While many businesses offer military discounts as a gesture of gratitude and goodwill, at Cavender Auto Group, we take our dedication to our military communities a few steps further.

Our Cavender Commitment

Home of the largest joint base in the Department of Defense, here in San Antonio, TX, we take pride in our military and all the brave men and women who serve our country. Through our Cavender Commitment initiative– part of our Cavender Confidence ethos –  all Cavender dealerships are committed to giving back to our military communities in ways that truly make a difference.

Why Choose Cavender Auto Group as a Veteran

cavender commitment

Cavender Car Giveaways

This past Memorial Day, we launched our newest military initiative to show our appreciation for veterans needing a new car. Through our Cavender Car Giveaway, each quarter, we give away a free vehicle to a deserving military community member. Nominating a hero for our Cavender Car Giveaway is easy: simply follow the link below to complete our online nomination form!

Nominate a Hero

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Military Discounts

At Cavender, we understand the financial difficulties our community's veterans face daily. We aim to help veterans alleviate the financial strain of owning a reliable vehicle through exclusive military discounts on new and used vehicle purchases and maintenance services and free oil changes for life.

Recruitment Opportunities

Recruitment Opportunities

Despite veterans being disciplined, hard-working and loyal citizens, unemployment for these individuals is higher than average. At Cavender, we strive to offer more employment opportunities to qualified veterans, helping them and their families as they get back on their feet and re-integrate into society.

cavender cares charity

Cavender Cares Charitable Initiatives

Through our Cavender Cares program, another extension of our Cavender Confidence mission, we regularly take part in charitable initiatives, many of which include collaborations with local military organizations and veteran programs to provide resources and support to military families. These include quarterly donations, fundraising events, and other philanthropic efforts that recognize, celebrate, and positively impact the military community.

veteran friendly vehicle options

Veteran-Friendly Vehicle Options

When it comes to shopping for a new vehicle, we know that some veterans may require specialized vehicles to get them through their day-to-day. From vehicles with Active Noise Cancellation features to vans or SUVs that can be outfitted to suit your accessibility needs, at Cavender, we offer a wide selection of veteran-friendly vehicles to complement your lifestyle.

San Antonio Veterans' Preferred Car Dealer

Whether you’re an active-duty military personnel or a retired veteran at Cavender Auto Group, we’re happy to honor our Cavender Commitment during any visit to our Cavender dealerships across South Texas. Because in the end, it's the least we can do!